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Mali: the rivalries persist between the various armed groups and the jihadists movements

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With the installation of the firts temporary authorities, the peace process seems finally to progress. But the rivalries persist between the various armed groups and the jihadists movements. Durign these months the peace process progressed, stagned, sometimes seems to collapse. With more than one year of delay on the initial schedule which planned authorities implementation three months after the signing of the Agreement of Algiers in 2015, they were finally settled at the beginning of March in three of the Nord of Mali regions: Kidal, Gao and Ménaka. For nationals and international actors this is a decisive step toward the implementation of peace process, even if the situation still remain uncertain in Timbuktoo and Taoudeni, because before the istallation of the temporary authorities there was nothing concrete. “Finally we move forward” said one of the leader of the Coordination of the movements of Azawad (ex rebellion Touaregue). One of the main disposition of the peace agreement is to prepare the next elections: the Government, the CMA and the coalition of pregovernmental armed groups rapresent the various parties.

Hamas movement denied reports of his invitation to attend the Fatah party’s 7th congress

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The Hamas movement denied reports that it had been invited to attend the Fatah party’s seventh congress later this month, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasim told Ma’an on Monday. Qasim said that Hamas would not take part in Fatah’s internal conflicts, and called on the ruling party of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to unite itself and focus on the national struggle against Israeli occupation. Fatah spokesman Mahmoud al-Hija, had previously said in a statement that Fatah had invited all Palestinian factions to attend the conference, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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