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Efforts Underway to Let Iranians in North America Vote in Presidential Election.

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry said it has been pursuing diplomacy to allow the Iranian nationals residing in the US and Canada to vote in the upcoming presidential election simultaneous with the polls at home. The Foreign Ministry has made all arrangements for holding the presidential election abroad and has taken all necessary measures in this regard, the ministry’s spokesman Bahram Qassemi said. Considering the relatively high number of Iranians residing in the US, the Foreign Ministry has taken all necessary measures to set up polling stations there, he noted. As regards Canada, Qassemi said Iran hopes to be able to have ballot boxes in that country, despite the fact that Tehran and Ottawa have no diplomatic relations. The Foreign Ministry is making efforts through diplomatic channels to obtain permission to dispatch ballot boxes to Canada, he noted.

Iran Dismisses US Human Rights Report

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry rejected allegations of human rights violation raised by the US State Department in its annual report, Zari have said that the USA dark record of violating human rights all around the world is in no position to comment on other countries’ conduct. “Due to its awful and dark human rights record, either inside that country (the US) or at the international level, the US government is in no position to comment on the status of human rights in other countries”, he said. He made it clear that no international organization or law has authorized the US government to judge the status of human rights around the world one-sidedly and with political motivations.

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