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At least 35 miners reported dead after mine explosion in north of Iran

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All the trapped miners are thought to be dead after a huge explosion in Zemestanyurt coal mine in northern Iran on Wednesday. The blast happened at 12:45pm, at a time when workers were changing shifts. Some 50 injured miners have been so far taken out of the mine. Several officials blamed the explosion on accumulated gas and said it was affecting rescue efforts. Hamidreza Montazeri, deputy head of Golestan province’s emergency services, said that 25 people, who had entered the mine to help the trapped miners, had been taken to hospital due to gas inhalation.

Iran: Jaberi Ansari and Bashar Jaafari meet in Astana

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Iranian Deputy FM Hossein Jaberi Ansari and Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari held talks Tue. during the 4th round of Syria’s international conference in Astana. During the meeting attended by Iranian and Syrian delegations in Astana, the two sides conferred on the latest developments on Astana talks and the political and ground situation in Syria.General and specialized meetings of the fourth International Conference on Syria will be held on Wednesday and Thursday 3-4 May 2017 in the Kazakh capital. Delegations from Astana Process guarantor states (Iran, Russia, and Turkey) together with delegations from observer states will take part in the meetings to find ways to settle the Syrian crisis.

Iran: $5.5mn foreign investment in Iran’s industry in post-JCPOA

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Iran has attracted over $5.5 million in industry and mining sector after signing a landmark nuclear deal, also known as JCPOA, with the six world powers in 2015, according to Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad-Reza Nematzadeh. Hailing Iranian government’s policy of moderation and engagement with world countries, the minister said that today Iran has activated both its centrifuges and the wheel of its economy. Referring to Iran-France partnership in automaking, nematzadeh said that such cooperation can be a prelude to further cooperation between the two countries.

Rouhani: Iran’s railways can connect Georgia to Persian Gulf.

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President Rouhani made the remarks in meeting with Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili, and said that Iran immediately recognized Georgian independence from the beginning. Rouhani said that the two countries have wide economic, scientific and cultural capacities and capabilities, which are not used well, adding that this visit may prepare grounds for development of ties. Ran may be connection route for Georgia and regional countries to the Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and Indian Ocean and Georgia may facilitate access road to the Black Sea. He said that today transit in the region has special importance and considering connection of Iran’s railways to Astara and Azerbaijan Republic, development of Tehran-Tbilisi cooperation in this field may create developments in the region. President Rouhani said that investors, especially in private sector should be persuaded for reciprocal cooperation and supported. Rouhani pointed to the old ties between the two nations and existing plenty of tourist attractions in the two countries, and called expansion of tourist relations important for both states while underlining the necessity to respect and observe Islamic–Iranian codes with Iranian tourists in Georgia. Concerning regional problems, Rouhani said that today this region is facing a big problem called ‘Terrorism’ so the two countries should increase their cooperation within the framework of confronting and uprooting this problem. Giorgi Kvirikashvili pointed to several years of historical background of relations between  the two countries, and said that political, economic and trade ties are developing between the two states. He reiterated that the existing capacities and capabilities should be used to expand all-out ties.The Georgian prime minister said that the Georgian government and nation have a great deal of respect for Iranian and Muslim believes and culture and never insulted their guests, so it is due that special regulations will be fulfilled in the border area. Kvirikashvili called cooperation in the field of transiting goods important, and underlined Tbilisi’s intention to connect the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea through Iran’s railways and roads. He also called quadrilateral agreement among Iran, Russia, Armenia and Georgia to develop cooperation in the field of electricity “important’ and called for its development


Iraq keen to reach agreement with Iran on joint oil fields

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Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar Allaibi said on Sunday his country plans to reach an agreement with Iran on exploitation of the joint oil fields. He made the remarks during his speech at the Iraq Energy Forum 2017. The official said Baghdad is in serious talks with Tehran on joint use of oil fields in the two country’s borders. He called for improvement of relations with neighboring countries to diversify the country’s oil and gas revenues.

On the new Iranian year: Sarajevo and Tehran to broaden mutual cooperation

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In the meeting on Thursday evening, Abdulah Skaka congratulated the Iranian ambassador on the new Iranian year, adding that in the contemporary world, cities are playing significant roles in economic, cultural and social fields and are regarded as the engines for development in their countries. He expressed hope to witness further expansion of relations and cooperation between the two capital cities in various fields as urban diplomacy and tourism. He also invited Tehran’s mayor to pay a visit to Sarajevo and underlined expansion of cultural cooperation between the two capitals. The Iranian ambassador, for his part congratulated Sarajevo mayor for his appointment to the post and said cultural and historical commonalities between the two nations and the political will of both governments for increasing level of mutual cooperation have prepared grounds for expansion of relations between the two capitals.

Decision on extension of global oil output cut deal postponed to May

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Most participants of the meeting of ministers from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-OPEC oil producers, which took place in Kuwait City on Sunday, supported the extension of an agreement on oil output cut by six months but the final decision will be taken in May and will depend on the situation on the market. The Joint OPEC-Non-OPEC Ministerial Monitoring Committee (JMMC) includes ministers of three OPEC member states – Venezuela, Kuwait and Algeria – and two countries that not part of the cartel, namely Russia and Oman.

Mossad chief: Iran's nuclear ambitions remain primary threat to Israel

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Israel must remain vigilant on Middle East dynamics, pursue mutual interests with friend.As long as the ayatollahs’ regime exists, Iran will pose a challenge to Israel. We can’t talk anymore about “Arab Spring” but we are talking about a log winter.Some countries have disintegrated, and some, like Iraq, Libya and Syria, are in the process of failing. The world in general and the Middle East in particular have undergone tremendous changes, not all of which could be predicted. We have four primary dangers to Israel in the region. The first threat is the conventional one, which has clouded Israel since its inception, namely regular armies with air forces and the ability to stage ground maneuvers. The second one is the nuclear threat; the third one is terrorist and guerrilla groups and the last one is the cyber dimension. It’s a relatively new threat, but we have already seen its power.

Iran: more efforts for boosting production and increasing employment

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We are determined to make great move in employment by boosting production/We mustn’t let some pens, people, tongues sow despair in youths’ hearts/Gov’t path to decrease social issues correct/We must resolve issues by consultation, collective logic. Referring to the Supreme Leader’s naming of the new year as the year of “Resistive Economy; Production and Employment”, he stressed more efforts for boosting production and increasing employment.

Iran welcomes peaceful settlement of armed conflict in Syria

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Iran’s permanent representative envoy to the UN said Iran together with Russia and Turkey as Guarantor States will spare no efforts to guarantee the Ceasefire Regime in Syria, agreed on 30 December 2016. Here a citation: “The Islamic Republic of Iran, with the aim of ending the ongoing crises in Syria and within the framework of its principled policy based on respecting the Syrian territorial integrity and sovereignty, finding a political solution to the crisis through intra-Syrian talks and objection to the instrumental use of terrorism for political gains; has taken effective measures upon the request of the Syrian Arab Republic in different political, humanitarian and anti-terrorism areas, including sending humanitarian assistance to Syrian civilians”.

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