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Plotnitskiy and Zakharchenko met Savchenko in Minsk to discuss an “all-for-all” prisoner exchange

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Savchenko, a Batkivshchyna Party lawmaker, PACE delegate and former helicopter pilot in the Ukrainian Army, was illegally imprisoned in Russia for more than two years on charges of being complicit in the murder of two Russian journalists. She was elected to Parliament in absentia, made a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and became a symbol of Ukraine’s defiance against Kremlin aggression.The press service of the Russian-backed armed groups currently in control of part of Luhansk confirmed that Plotnitskiy and Zakharchenko, the leaders of the Russian-backed armed groups in Luhanks and Donesk oblasts respectively, had met with her in Minsk and discussed how to launch an “all-for-all prisoner exchange” under the Minsk process.

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