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Two West Bank workshops were shut down by IDF on Tuesday

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In early-morning raids Tuesday, Israeli troops shut down two workshops that were allegedly used to produce illegal weapons in Jenin and outside Hebron, the army said. A suspect was also arrested in connection with the workshop, an army spokesperson said. The owner of the workshop, along with two others, was arrested by the IDF troops and handed over to police and the Shin Bet security service for further questioning, the spokesperson said. A similar operation was carried out in the village of Yatta, outside Hebron, by the Judea Brigade, which is responsible for that area.

MK: stop the EU's illegal Palestinian buildings

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MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beytenu) proposed a law to remove illegal building from the list of internationally immune activities, in an attempt to stop the EU’s illegal Palestinian buildings in Area C. The EU has been funding illegal Arab constructions in Area C against the signed Oslo Agreements, aiding local Arabs to slowly encroach upon land that is not theirs. Jewish Home Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s has proposed that Israel apply sovereignty over Area C and annex it. If Forer’s law passes, Israeli authorities would be able to sue the EU for illegally building Palestinian Arab structures in Area C. Forer is expected to submit his proposal in the near future.

An illegal settlement was built by Israeli settlers near a military checkpoint

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The Israeli daily, Haaretz on Sunday said that the Israeli settlers have a new settlement gathering near an Israeli military point in the northern part of the valley, five kilometers away from two other settlements. The settlers have arrived to the area two months ago and built a “tabernacle” and left. A few days ago, they went back to the area and levelled the land and began to build. According to the coordinator of the Israeli Authorities, the building is illegal and does not have permits and the authorities will halt the building and might even confiscate the equipment.

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