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Borno records 3,800 new cases of HIV in IDPs camps

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3,8000 new infections oh HIV has been recorded in Borno State, all in a Displaced Persons camp. Currently 2.4 per cent of the population of the state (about 108,000 persons) are living with HIV and AIDS, and these new 3,8000 cases has been reginstrated from January to March, amongst them 70 children have been tested positive. Borno state has not participated in any HIV programme in the last two years, only tiny portion of the people living with HIV and AIDs can access treatment because most anti-retroviral centres have closed: in the state only 32 out of 90 centres are still operational. Within the last six years the state achieved only a nine per cent HIV reductio in Borno state, that’s because the government didn’t give priority attention to the plight of these persons. Governor Shettima had approved N45 million funding for HIV development programmes since December 2016, but the fund is yet to be released.

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