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Saudi Court gives death sentence to Shiite activist.

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Saudi Arabia handed down death sentence to a Shiite activist on alleged charges of participating in activities against the Riyadh regime.The unnamed man was found guilty and sentenced to death by the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh on Sunday for his anti-regime activities, among other offenses, Arabic-language Saudi Arabian daily newspaper Okaz reported. The activist was reportedly accused of carrying out an armed attack on police and its checkpoints in Qatif’s village of al-Awamiyah in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. His charges also included possession of white arms, spreading hatred against the ruling regime, and provoking people to carry out attacks against Saudi security forces. The monarchy is consistently singled out and criticized for its widespread violation of human rights. US-based Human Rights Watch and UK-based Amnesty International have both condemned Saudi Arabia for cracking down on activists and political dissidents. Back in March 2016, the Amnesty released a statement, saying the kingdom had enforced an “abusive” anti-terror law, which associates peaceful protests with terrorism and allows it to hand down lengthy jail terms to peaceful critics and human rights activists after holding “deeply unfair” trials for them.

Human Rights Watch gives Israel ultimatum over gaza war crime investigation.

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Human right Watch demanded on Monday that Israel allow its investigators into Gaza if it wants the International Criminal Court “to take seriously” Israel’s own war crimes investigations. Gaza war crimes report: Allegations of 49 illegal civilian deaths nixed ICC prosecutors to visit Israel, West Bank as war crimes probe looms. There is an onother problem: Israel during this period  has taken a more aggressive stance toward some human rights NGOs, barring some activists from entering Israel, and accusing them of involvement in the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) campaign and general efforts to delegitimize Israel. The report said that the travel restrictions call into question the Israeli military authorities’ claim to rely on human rights organizations as an important source of information for their criminal investigations into potential serious crimes committed during the 2014 Gaza war. Also we have to underline the fact that on March 26, 2017, the Hamas authorities in Gaza began significantly tightening restrictions on passage between Gaza and Israel, following the assassination of a senior militant that Hamas blames on Israel. Hamas says it wants to stop the killers from fleeing Gaza. The Hamas authorities are blocking nearly all travel out of Gaza, unless it is for medical care or to visit relatives in Israeli prisons.

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