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Foreign minister receives the Chinese ambassador to Iraq.

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During the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations and means to strengthening it to serve the interests of both friendly people, and reviewing the victories achieved by Iraqis in their war against Da’esh terroristic gangs, and the efforts of the friendly states to support Iraq.The minister evaluated the Chinese attitude which supports Iraq, and providing the needed requirements for the displaced families, in spite of  it isn’t a part of the international coalition against Da’esh terroristic gangs. His Excellency said that Iraq defends itself and fighting on behalf of the world and achieving great victories, and will liberate all its territories, especially that Iraq is a rich country, but it is passing through difficult situation and looking forward to the help of the friendly people, to help Iraq to rebuild Iraqi cities after defeating terrorism. From his side, the Chinese ambassador stressed on his country’s support to Iraq in its war against Da’esh terroristic gangs, and they will continue presenting the humanitarian aids to the displaced families, and ready to participate in rebuilding the infrastructure of the Iraqi cities after defeating Da’esh terroristic gangs.


U.N. says 300,000 civilians at risk in Damascus battle, pause needed.

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Fighting around Syria’s capital Damascus has cut 300,000 people off from humanitarian aid and pauses in the conflict are needed to let aid convoys in, Jan Egeland, U.N. humanitarian advisor on Syria, said on Thursday.”They are totally dependent on our supplies. Starvation will be just around the corner unless we get there in the coming weeks,” Egeland told Reuters in an interview after chairing the weekly Syria humanitarian taskforce meeting in Geneva.


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