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Pro-Houthi protesters attack Saudi military spokesman in London.

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During an event organized by the European Council on Foreign Affairs in London, the military spokesperson for the Saudi-led coalition to restore the legitimate government in Yemen was attacked by pro-Houthi protesters by eggs and then physically. A source in Riyadh confirmed Maj. Gen. Al-Assiri suffered no injuries and that he went on delivering his speech as planned. During the talk Al-Assiri apologized for the delay and described the pro-Houthi protesters as people “who don’t know the difference between protesting and attacking”. Moreover the protester who physically attacked the spokesman claimed he was placing Al-Assiri under “citizen’s arrest” for what he described as “war crimes” in Yemen.


Saudi-Malaysian deals give new impetus to bilateral ties

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After four deals were signed by Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, experts gave their opinion about them. Dr. Salim Ajajah, an academic at Taif University, said the Kingdom visit will have a positive impact on Saudi economy in particular in technological localization, diversification of investments and trade. Moreover, economic expert Ainain undelined two dimensions of the Kingdom visit to Malaysia: boosting islamic ties with Asian countries and economic and trade aspects. Ali Al-Quraishi,a legal adviser and international arbitrator, said cooperation between the countries has developed into a strategic partnership, as Malaysia joined the saudi-led Operation Decisive Storm to liberate Yemen from Houthi terrorism. Instead the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) affirmed that King Salman’s visit in Asia boost the OIC’s efforts to enhance political and business cooperation between members countries.

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