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Arab Coalition: We welcome handover of Hudaydah port to neutral party

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An official source has stated UN envoy Ahmed has said to Houthis Militias to hand over port of Houdaydah to a neutral party. These statements represent a confirmation of request, made by Arab coalition, UN to take charge of port Houdaydah,  in order to protect Yemeni people from smuggling of weapons, by Houthis Militias and confiscation of sanitation and humanitarian aids. Ahmed has expressed his regret over the lack of participation in meeting to discuss about exploiting the port, allowing entrance of humanitarian aids. The statement stressed out the important support by Arab coalition to assure the flow of aids from international subjects. In addition to this, he has also declared in meeting with Security Council, to use tax revenues and customs to finance basic services.


Houthi, Saleh militias 'torture Yemenis into 480 secret prisons'.

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The National Committe for Human Rights in Yemen published a report stating that Houthi’s militias and supporters of ousted Pesident Saleh established 480 secret prisons across Yemeni governorates under their control. The statement revealed that prisoners are tortured, also with mock executions. The rebels used 227 government buildings, 27 medical institutions, 49 universities, 99 schools, 25 sports clubs, 47 judicial buildings and 10 private houses. According to the report 16,804 were the prisoners and enforce disappearances and were all civilians. After field visits the National Committe for Human Rights said released prisoners suffer from poor psycological and physical helath.


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