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The new law by the GOP to replace Obamacare provides cuts to the detriment of health services of which benefiting women

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The American Health Care Act has angered American women, especially many of those who sit in Congress, in fact, the new law drafted by the GOP to replace Obamacare provides, between the lines, cuts to the detriment of several health services of which typically benefiting women, talk about mammograms, pregnancy and maternity. According to Democratic female lawmakers major cuts will have in the sector of abortion, that was always been an enemy of a large part of GOP, in fact, according to Planned Parenthood, the intention of the Republicans is to keep alive the right to abortion but equating it to the others health services, so effectively would become paid. At idea of the GOP have already opposed three Senators:Patty Murray, Dem., Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, Rep., These three opposition threatened to blow up the Republican majority in the Senate.

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