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Gorran says we will extend our political struggle in Iraqi Kurdistan

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The Change Movement (Gorran) said it is ready to cooperate and resolve the issues in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region on the principles of rule of law and sovereignty of institutions as well as balance and respect. Following the end of the second-day of funeral proceedings of Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa on Sunday (May 21), party member Mustafa Said Qadir read a statement saying that Gorran will preserve the message and aims of Nawshirwan Mustafa and will continue to develop the party into the future. “We will develop the Change Movement day by day and we will extend our political and civilian struggle so as to stabilize our political programs and aims”, the statement read. Gorran added that the Kurdish nation is facing several crises as the party holds the funeral for the death of its leader. “We believe the principles of balance, respect, rule of law and sovereignty of the institutions are a factual way and a strong stimulation to attain all of our wishes”, the statement added. “On these principles, Gorran is ready to resolve all the issues and to cooperate completely”.

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