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Libya and Uganda in hot legal argument over UTL

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The Libyan government has issued a warning to the Ugandan government over the latter’s move to repossess shares of the Libyan government in Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL). “The Libyan government counsel in Uganda, made the remark shortly after the Ugandan government made the decision to take over the assets and liabilities of the indebted Telecom company in which the Libyan government owns 69% majority share”. Since the end of Ghadaffi in 2011, UTL has knew a poor management. This withdraw could have an impact on diplomatic relations between Uganda and Libya.

Libya's oil production rebounds back to level before clashes.

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Libya’s oil production has climbed back to the level before clashes disrupted output three weeks ago and forced the OPEC nation’s two biggest oil ports to halt shipments. The global target for next month will be to reach 800,000 barrels a day. This objective is close to the previous oil output , before recent clashes, and in all case much more than before, the oil output has decreased to 260,000 barrels a day last August. However it is still lower than before Ghadaffi’s fall, production reached 1.6M barrels a day.

A ceasefire signed in Tripoli after four days of fighting between militias.

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After 4 days of violent confrontations in Libyan’s capital an agreement of cease-fire had been signed in Tripoli. This immediate ceasefire took under GNA (Government of National Agreement) supervision, previous the relaunch of people who had been caught these last 4 days, and the leaving of armed militia until 30 days. Confrontation had been start Monday evening, after the murder of bank guards. The confrontation was based on the opposition between the GNA and Khalifa Gweil supports, who had been put away of the government in 2015, after the agreement on internal Libyan politic. Tripoli remains an unstable place since the falling of Ghadaffi.

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