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Isreal must prevent an explotion In Gaza.

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Some 1.8 million residents have been imprisoned for a decade in the Gaza Strip, one of the most crowded regions in the world. They can’t leave the area where they live and they can’t export their products. The Gaza Strip is under Hamas but in practice Israel, which has imposed a blockade on Gaza. Hamas may continue to dig tunnels whose target is to attack Israeli communities, but this is clear evidence that the blockade in itself cannot prevent the motivation of Palestinians to commit terrorist attacks. The Israel Defense Forces says that a worsening living conditions and an increase in the number of work permits in Israel will lead to an improvement. For example they will build a seaport that increasing the number of work permits and removing the blockade. But this are not an alternative to the diplomatic process, and they must not be seen as a gesture of good will. It is the obligation of the occupier to the occupied.

The Egyptian authorities open the main gate of Rafah for three days from Gaza to Egypt

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The Egyptian authorities decided on Saturday morning to open the main gate of Rafah border crossing for three days, so that buses carrying patients and students from Gaza could move to Egypt. Egyptian authorities have, for the most part, kept the Rafah border crossing closed since July 2013. They had launched a campaign to destroy illegal underground tunnels, which have been vital in supplying Gaza residents with food, medicine, fuel, and building materials. The Egyptian army employs another method of destroying the tunnels, and that is by flooding them—a method often condemned by Hamas, the quasi ruler of the Gaza Strip

€18.98 million contributed by European Union and Sweden to the payment of salaries and pensions of thousands of Palestinians

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The European Union made yesterday a contribution of €18.98 million to the payment of November salaries and pensions of 65,000 Palestinian civil servants and pensioners in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. This contribution, which is channelled through the PEGASE[1] mechanism, is being funded by the European Union (€14.0 million) and Sweden (€4.98 million). By this contribution, the EU has disbursed around €153 million this year to support the Palestinian Authority payment of salaries, pensions, social allowances, and referral to East Jerusalem hospitals.

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