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: Qassim Governator: a new step taken in fight against terrorism through Etidal

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after the establishment of center countering terrorism in Riyadh and after important and noteworthy speeches of King Salman, Prince Faisal would have said Saudi Arabia is major contributor to fight against terrorism. Kingdom has adopted also news laws and legislations in order to improve its own means to fight more efficiently terrorism and extremism. According to Prince Faisal the innovation introduced by Etidal is having established a United stand to fight terrorism. In addition to this, the Prince has recognized the necessity of modernizing institutions, to make them more efficient to reply to some emergencies and to recruit as well as possible the best security personnel, who will be able to face critical and difficult situations. It is certainly necessary introducing some economic and social plans, which can help at modernizing this view of society and eradicate from origin problem related to Terrorism and Extremism, instilling new human values, which can face misunderstanding.

In Bethlem, Trump says loser terrorist must be obliterated

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Due to the frequent changes, Palestinian organizers could not provide a finalized itinerary in advance of the visit. As it happened, Trump was met by Abbas and an honor guard at presidential headquarters in Bethlehem around 10:30 a.m. Following a half-hour meeting with Abbas, Trump also spoke briefly with other senior PA officials. The two leaders then convened a joint press conference, after which Trump returned to erusalem.Streaking at a joint press conference in Bethlehem on Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned Monday night’s terrorist attack in Manchester, England, and expressed renewed commitment and hope for an Israeli-Palestinian peace. Trump conviction terrorism and he said that not only Usa but also every country must fight terrorism. Abbas, spoken about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, said that the Palestinians are committed to a two-state solution based on 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as their capital, and called for support for the Saudi Peace Initiative. Palestne are keen to open the door to dialogue with our Israeli neighbors in order to create a genuine peace. Our problem is with the occupation and settlements and the failure of Israel to recognize the state of Palestine in the same way we recognize it. The problem is not between us and Judaism; it is between us and occupation.


Caid Essebsi “warmly” congratulates Macron

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President Essebsi warmly congratulated  new President of France Emmanuel Macron. Essebsi said that his congratulation came from all Tunisian people, and that this is an encouragement to the “noble mission”. He added that election of Macron is a symbol of traditional French values: freedom, equality and fraternity. He reminded traditional relationship between the two countries, renewing the strength bilateral cooperation in all fields. President Essebsi said that with new President, France will improve its help to stabilize the Country. He then auspicated a major dialogue between Tunisia and France to fight terrorism, to stabilize Libya and Syria, to bring the Country in the hearth of interests of European Union, with the aim of build  peace in the region. He added that France will help Tunisia to develop green economy,  digital transition and blue economy.

Afghanistan calls on Pakistan to de-escalate tension at border

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Afghanistan has called on Pakistan to re-open the border, which had been closed in the wake of the recent spree of terrorist attacks. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to Afghanistan Abrar Hussain and Afghan Deputy Commander-in-Chief General Murad Ali Murad met on February 27. General Murad had requested at Islamabad for de-escalation at the border and re-opening of the crossing points between the two countries. He also promised to fight terrorsim with the shared information between the two countries. Ambassador Hussain said to Murad that should take measure against Pakistan to deny its attack inside the country.


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