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SDF Fighters killed 311 terrorists in Just 10 days.

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Fighters killed 311 ISIS terrorists and captivated 8 in the duration of only 10 days. Today on 24th of April, Jihan Shekh Ahmed, Rage of Euphrates spokesperson and Luqman Azad, member of SDF leadership announced the numbers of the 4th stage of Rage of Euphrates operation. The announcement says that the 4th stage started on 13th of April and they are planning to retake Jalab Valley and areas North of Raqqa and it is going well so far. They stated they have salvaged the villages of West Kapish, East Kapish, Om Tanak, Royan and others. They have also safely saved and transferred 20 thousand refugees from Raqqa to safe zones in Western Kurdistan.

Haftar’s forces claim victory in battles in east Libya.

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East Libyan forces said they captured the final holdout of Islamist-led rivals in the southwest of Benghazi yesterday, ending weeks of resistance by fighters camped in a cluster of apartment blocks. After three years of resistance in Bengazhi, LNA army told that it took control of all the parts of Benghazy. According to first informations, Humanitarians conditions had not been respected, and the evacuation of population has failed.

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