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The new Travel ban of Donald Trump

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Yesterday morning the President Trump has signed the new travel ban, the drafting of a new executive order on immigration had been announced by the administration after the rejection by the Federal Court S.Francisco the first travel ban. The signing of the “muslim ban 2.0” was often announced as the next but then always delayed, so that this time the President has not signed the order before the cameras as the first time. As for the content, as expected by many experts, it is similar to the travel ban but with important differences: the countries concerned will be 6 (Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen) in fact is no longer present the Iraq, the measure will not apply to citizens of the six countries that are in possession of permanent residence permits, the order will be applicable from 16th of March and in the end the religious minorities of the six countries of the blacklist will not have any derogation from the rules established by the Decree.

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