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What next for Sinai's displaced Copts?

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After the exodus of Coptic families from North Sinai, following the numerous aggressions last weeks, the question of the relocation of Coptic family create a debate in Egypt. According to some echoes, recorded by the Journal Al-Monitor, victims disclaiming the incompetence of the government to manage the situation, their unconscious of the situation. Number of families refute to go back in al-Arisch, where a part of the city had been destructed by recent conflicts, and, moreover, it remain unsafe for Coptic families. Maher Zeki, a volunteer at the Monastery of Saint Anthony, which has welcomed 52 displaced families in Future City in the Ismailia governorate, said that he is betting on public solidarity to support the displaced. He noted that el-Arish residents do not want to return because of the death threats against them, so the only solution is for them to integrate into the areas in which they have sought shelter. The volunteers are ensuring the smooth flow of this process, he claimed.


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