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Commission welcomes Europol's new mandate and cooperation agreement with Denmark.

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Following today’s signing, the co-operation mandate between Europol and Denmark will enter into force on 1 May. The Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos and Commissioner for the Security Union Julian King declared that the solution agreed with Denmark is a tailor-made arrangement allowing for a sufficient level of cooperation, including the exchange of operational data and the deployment of liaison officers. Being fully in line with European data protection rules, Denmark will have a unique status which will allow for much closer ties with Europol without amounting to full membership. The fight against cross-border and organised crime and terrorism has been one of the highest priorities of this Commission. Both the new Regulation as well as the agreement with Denmark demonstrate the Commission’s commitment to tackling these challenges in the most pragmatic and effective way possible to ensure the security of all European citizens.


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