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India: waiting for carbon emissions limit

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No target year for carbon emissions. It’s announced by Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Enviroment and Forest of India in Bbc’s interview today. So Delhi will not submit plans to cut pollutio to United Nations, while China disclosed to reduce its emissions by 60-65% within 2030 Us by 26-28 % within 2025.

At least 40 countries submitted their carbon emission dropping. Now, they are expecting India, the third largest pollution maker in the world. But Delhi’s government want to continue on its way and will announced a new plan to Un: “Countries know where India stands and what its requirements [development needs] are and therefore nobody has asked us for [the] peaking year. We will soon submit our INDCs and they will be much ambitious than what the world is perceiving, “, Javadekar said again.

India don’t want to stop its oil and carbon production. So it announced that the oil-refining will double in the next five years. Moreover, Delhi concluded that at least 20% of population has no electricity and no chance of development.
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