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Political crisis between Egypt, Sudan over international sanctions imposed on Khartoum.

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The past 48 hours witnessed a diplomatic crisis between Egypt and Sudan after the Sudanese newspapers reported that the deputy head of Egypt’s delegation to the United Nations called for extending the international sanctions imposed on Khartoum because of the Darfur crisis. Sudanese Foreign Minister, Ibrahim Gadnour, express is surprised in front of Egyptian position, and asks Cairo to explain its position. Egyptian embassy to Khartoum has reaffirmed its sustained to Sudan. Diplomatic tensions between both countries seems to increase, even if Egypt side try to minimize the tensions. Egyptian foreign minsiter will be in Khartoum next week to clarify the misunderstanding.


Egypt expresses concern over US strike in Syria.

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The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement expressing concern over the US missile strike in Syria earlier today. US offensive started after allegations of chemical attacks from Hassad against his population. The Foreign Ministry called on the United States and Russia to act on the basis of international legitimacy, to contain the conflict, and to reach a comprehensive and final solution to the Syrian crisis. Egptyan president stressed international community to avoid escalation of violences to preserve the safety of the Nation, and the people of the Middle-East. Egyptian government asked Syrian government to stop the war to preserve lives of civil population. Egypt called on the US and Russia to live up to their international responsibilities of preserving peace and security through reaching a comprehensive and conclusive solution to the Syrian crisis, which has steadily worsened over the past six years.

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