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Islamic State car bomb kills 4 tribesmen in Egypt’s Sinai

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Insecurity in North Sinai, even if Cairo’s government has declared the state of emergency after Palm’s attacks, threats continue. An Islamic State (IS) suicide bomber attacked a tribal checkpoint in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Tuesday, killing four members of a powerful local tribe and wounding others, Egyptian security officials said. This new attack against local tribes follows recent clashes which took place in the area last week, with conflict opposing Bedouin tribes and IS.

Expecting Islamic State terror gruop attack, Israel closes Taba Crossing into Egypt

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In a highly unusual move, Israel shut down the Taba Crossing to Israelis trying to enter Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on the eve of Passover on Monday, citing fears of an imminent terror attack by the Islamic State terror group. Israel announced the closure of the border for at least one week (until next Thursday). However, thousands of Israelis were expected to pass the border for the Passover Holidays. The closure was ordered by Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz, after discussion with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and other security officials. Since the official opening of the border in 1982, it had been closed few times, the last one had been in 2014.

Egyptian soldier shot dead, 8 militants killed in separate incidents in Sinai

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The global insecurity in North Sinai continues. Today 8 people have found death. One soldiers had been killed, and 8 militants. Its separate operations, the yougn soldier of 21 years old, had been killed by a sniper on a checkpoint, it had been vindicated by Islamic Organizations. The 8 militants had been killed this Saturday night during a military operation, 22 had been captured, accused of violences in North Sinai, especially in Al-Arish.

Egypt's President stresses enhancing cooperation in meeting with French delegation in Cairo

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Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi stressed strengthening ties with France during a meeting on Tuesday with a delegation from the Egyptian-French friendship committee headed by Catherine Mouran, head of the education and media committee in the French senate. Egypt has recalled the importance of its ties with France,  France has answered with the importance of Egypt in the counter-terrorism policy.

Security campaigns in North Sinai: 300 suspects arrested

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After the death of 5 Egyptian’s soldats, killed by a bomb attack in North Sinai, and the death of 18 civil these last days due to attacks, since the beginning of March, security campaigns in North Sinai have killed at least 30 militants, arrested more than 165 suspects over terror-related charges, detained about 300 suspects over charges including smuggling and illegal migration, ruined several smuggling tunnels, detonated dozens of explosive devices and seized large amounts of weapons and ammunition. Most of these attacks had been vindicated by a terrorist group affiliate to ISIS.

Sameh Shoukry: Egypt’s support for Libya continues

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Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry made a phone call to the president of the Libyan presidential council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, in which their discussions mainly focused on the updates of the situation in Libya. Shoukry has confirmed his sustain to Libyan unification, and to the government of Tripoli, leaded by Al-Sarraj.  Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies has confirmed the effectiveness role of Egypt in the resolution of the Libyan’s crisis. Egypt, as leading power in the Middle-East, is confirming its capacity to manage regional conflicts, even if the Libyan situation still oscillates between anarchy and stability.

The recent economical reforms, have created the biggest inflation rate since more than 30 years in Egypt

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The recent economical reforms, have created on of the biggest inflation since more than 30 years in Egypt. In fact, according to the analyse, the inflation rate of February was around 31.7 percent. That inflation, has increased the social tensions present in the country. Indeed the impact on population is dramatic, for example in early 2015, one kilo of meat cost few dozens pounds, and it’s actually 100 pounds. According to specialists and IMF (International Monetary Found) the economical situation would go to a stabilization with an enforcement of the pound. With increasing inflation and a fluctuating currency, salaries have not adjusted and more people could soon join the 27.8 per cent of the population who already lives under poverty line. The Egyptian’s population is back on social networks to protest.

Police colonel killed in bomb attack in Sinai

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A North Sinai police colonel was killed Wednesday night in a bomb attack on a security checkpoint in North Sinai, Egypt’s interior ministry announced. Colonel Yasser El-Hadidi was killed when a bomb exploded near his patrol in El-Arish, in the vicinity of the city’s third police station, the ministry said on its official Facebook page.Three other policemen were also injured in the attack. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, which comes only a few days after the army said security forces arrested 12 “extremely dangerous” leaders of Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis in central Sinai. Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, the main Islamist group battling the Egyptian state in North Sinai, has changed its name from “Sinai Province” to the “Islamic State in Egypt”.

North and Central Sinai: military presence didn't stop terrorits attacks

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After attacks against Copt community these weeks, Egyptian government has chosen to repress terrorists who had committed attacks. Friday night, some military staff had appeared in the street of the terrorized city, after the fleeing of some families due to the former exactions. However, this military presence didn’t stop terrorits attacks. Saturday night, a young egyptain had been killed by ISIS in the region, after his kidnapping in the afternoon. The terrorist group affiliated to ISIS since 2014 creates the terror in the city.

South Sudan army commander dismisses rumours of Egyptian military intervention

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South Sudan’s Army Chief of Staff Paul Malong dismissed claims of an Egyptian military intervention in the fighting in his country, describing them as “baseless rumours.” Malong said in statement to El-Sharq El-Awsat (Middle East) newspaper on Sunday that the Egyptian intervention in South Sudan is limited to furthering a peace process and providing humanitarian aid. The military commander praised Egypt’s role in the region, saying his country is eager to benefit from Egyptian military expertise by sending army officers to receive training in Cairo in the near future. Last month, South Sudan’s government denied Sudanese allegations that the Egyptian government had provided arms and ammunition to the South Sudanese army.

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