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Tunisia could be a potential educational platform for Africa

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Tunisia has great potential to be an educational platform for Africa, but the public and private sectors must work hand in hand, in full complementarity and harmony to develop this sector which in turn will develop the country and help the African continent to improve the skill of its human resources. This is what emerged from the thematic session on “Education, the knowledge economy “, held on Tuesday, as part of the International Investment Conference “Tunisia 2020”. Panelist Hichem Omezzine, investment director at Actis, leading investor in growth markets across Africa, Asia and Latin America, said several issues in the field of education are common to emerging countries, including Tunisia, such as the inadequacy between training and employment requirements. “Professionals in the Tunisian educational sector must make efforts to create this complementary dynamic and to solve this problem of inadequacy,” he suggested. However, Omezzine noted that Tunisia is one of the most advanced countries in Africa, where the enrollment rate in higher education is above 30%, while the average in Africa is around 10%, which proves that Tunisia is well ahead of the rest of the African countries. In this context, he considered that Tunisia should open up more internationally, through the launch of co-operation projects in the field of education, notably with Europe, but also China, The United States and Africa.

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