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GCC calls for closer economic cooperation with EU.

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During the meeting held at GCC Secretariat in Riyadh on Wednesday the assistant secretary-general for political negotiations and affairs of the GCC called for closer cooperation with the EU. The event was a Forum on the achievements and lessons learnt from EU integration in occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and it was attended by EU and GCC ambassadors and other diplomats from various missions in the capital. The aim is to diversify the GCC countries’ economy and consequently reach a better prosperity and maintain stability and security in the region. Moreover the ambassador D’Urso, head of the EU delegation, said GCC member states are important strategic partners to the EU and that the EU wants to expand and consolidate cooperation with them to promote mutual understanding and narrow gaps.


The imminent meeting between chancellor Angela Merkel and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in which they will discuss their political and economic relations

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German ambassador to Egypt Julius Georg Luy held a press conference in the German embassy in Cairo to talk about the main topics German chancellor Angela Merkel will discuss with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in her scheduled visit to Egypt. The ambassador stated that the Merkel and Al-Sisi will tackle economic, political, and security topics. “She will discuss the political and economic relations. On the German institutions based in Egypt, Luy said that this issue is considered one of the most important matters to be discussed during Merkel’s visit to Egypt”. He added that all German institutions in Egypt are government-sponsored, meaning they are organisations affiliated with the German government and are receiving funding from it.Regarding the security cooperation between Egypt and Germany, Luy stressed that his country is supporting Egypt in its war against terrorism. He added that the security cooperation will focus on exchanging intelligence information between both countries and will include cooperation to secure Egypt’s airports and borders.On whether or not the German government considers Muslim-Brotherhood-affiliated organisations located in Germany to be terrorist groups, Luy noted that his country is following specific measures through which it can classify whether an organisation is a terroristic one or not. “Through intensive monitoring operations German intelligence conducted against these organisations, it was evident that they showed no signs of promoting violence. The German government, as a result, is not able to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation”, he stressed. Germany is not the only European country to not declare Muslim-Brotherhood-affiliated organisations as terroristicRegarding the economic cooperation between both countries, Luy asserted that the power stations that the German company Siemens will establish in Egypt will cost $8bn Euros.

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