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Democrats will meet in Atlanta to choose their chairman that will challenge Trump in the next presidential election

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The Democratic National Committee will meet in Atlanta, Georgia, to choose the new chairman, practically the one who will be the front runner for the next presidential elections. The need to choose a new leader has emerged from the unexpected defeat in the presidential election in November and especially from the obligation to reorganize the party ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, where Democrats hope to regain a majority in Congress following five years. The candidates are many, but the most probable are former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, a favorite of former Obama administration officials, Deputy Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the first Muslim elected to the Congress, and the two leaders of the more liberal area of the party,Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. If none of the candidates  obtain a majority of 447 votes will go to a second round in which the candidate with fewer votes will eliminate.


Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez wants to run for the Presidency of the Democratic National Committee

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The current Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez would have confessed to senior officials of the Democratic Party  its desire to run for the presidency of the Democratic National Committee. Perez will face Congressman Keith Ellison, supported by the liberals of the Democratic Party which is headed by Sen. Sanders but he dislikes to Haim Saban, the main funder of the Party. Perez is one of the loyalists of Obama and has served in his administration since 2009 but has never raced for an elective office, this is his weak point, but according to several members of the party he would be the ideal candidate for the presidential elections of 2020.

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