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Human right watchdog accuses Baku of cyberattacks against government

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According to reports, a watchdog accused the Azerbaijani authorities of a series of allegedly state-sponsored cyberattacks aimed at gaining access to the personal information of government critics. “Our research reveals that a targeted and coordinated cyber campaign is being waged against critical voices in Azerbaijan, many of whom are long-time victims of government repression” said Senior Technologist at Amnesty International Claudio Guarnieri as quoted in the report.

Trump’s will to eliminate Obama’s sanctions against Russia might meet oppositions

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The future press secretary of the President-elect Trump, Sean Spicer, said in an interview with ABC that sanctions imposed by President Obama to Russia for the affairs related to cyber attacks against the Democratic National Committee might be eccessive. Trump has also seen the good relations with Putin and has always maintained his skeptical on the effective influence of hacking operations. On Sunday, Trump will meet with leaders of the Intelligence to have more insight. Certainly, Trump’s will to eliminate the measures against Russia launched by Obama is going to meet many difficulties. In fact, the Congress’ Democratic opposition and a part of the Republican majority, that are hostile to Trump, seem ready to join forces to strengthen sanctions against Russia.

The five largest Russian banks defended themselves from cyberattacks

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On Thursday, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov said that five largest Russian banks, which had been under cyberattacks for the past two days, managed to defend themselves.  The attack began on Tuesday afternoon, and continued for two days straight, according to a source close to Russia’s Central Bank quoted by RIA Novosti. The initial attack was rather massive and its power intensified over the course of the day. The power of the attacks peaked at 660 thousands of requests per second. Some of the banks were attacked repeatedly.  The attack came from a wide-scale botnet involving at least 24,000 computers, located in 30 countries. “Sberbank” and “Alfabank” two of the largest Russian bank, confirmed the attack to their server.

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