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Fraudulent importation of poultry meat of Mali

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The responsables for the CAMA ( Cooperative of Avicultures of Mali) durign a press conference denounced the massive importat of meat of poultry to Mali. According to them, this create multiple consequences both on malin economy and health, it’s a tremendous lost for the State, about 12 084 900 000 FCFA per year, and above all they create an unfair competition for locals productors. Therefore Cheikna Labass Haïdara, CAMA president, asked the government not to contribute to Mali’s industry distruction. Thanks to Mali’s professionists, modern aviculture is starting to increase, that’s why it’s important not to employ this fraudolent import, which compromises the future of the malians who are trying to evolve in this sector. Anyway, most of all it’s a public health issue, it happened that the meat of poultry imported has been rotten too.

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