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The Trump's speech at the Congress will be an opportunity to restore the economic issue

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The speech that Trump held next Tuesday at the Congress will be an opportunity to restore in the agenda of the White House the economic issues, ie those that have allowed him to win the November election. The Congressmens hoping that the President decides to follow this path, in fact, despite the proclamations, only 44% of Americans viewed his job well, a record low. The hope of legislators is that Trump will present on Capitol Hill with a detailed plan of the measures to be taken regarding the tax cut and the replacement of Obamacare, it would be desirable that Trump would stop carrying out his “personal war” against the media, against the judiciary and the opposition, even if, regarding the dispute between the President and the Courts, seems that the administration has prepared a new travel ban that probably will be signed by Trump in the next week.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad may partecipate to Fatah’s 7th conference

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The Hamas movement is currently discussing the possibility of attending Fatah’s seventh conference later this week, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasim told Ma’an on Sunday. The announcement came almost a week after Hamas denied reports that it had been invited to attend the congress. Qasim said that Hamas had recently received an invitation to attend the Nov. 29 event in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad spokesman Daoud Shihab told Ma’an that the political faction had also received an invitation to the conference, and that it would send a representative to participate.

Hamas movement denied reports of his invitation to attend the Fatah party’s 7th congress

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The Hamas movement denied reports that it had been invited to attend the Fatah party’s seventh congress later this month, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasim told Ma’an on Monday. Qasim said that Hamas would not take part in Fatah’s internal conflicts, and called on the ruling party of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to unite itself and focus on the national struggle against Israeli occupation. Fatah spokesman Mahmoud al-Hija, had previously said in a statement that Fatah had invited all Palestinian factions to attend the conference, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

National congress will be held in March 2017 by UNFT

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The National Union of Tunisian Women (UNFT) will hold its 15th congress in March 2017, told on Sunday the president of the organisation, Radhia Jerbi. The congress, which will coincide with the celebration of International Women’s Day, will elect a new executive bureau, a central committee, a national council and a president. UNFT had held an extraordinary congress on February 3, 2013, which resulted in a new executive bureau. Radhia Jerbi added that the women’s organisation has begun the renewal of its regional structures, noting that the sections of Sousse, Gafsa and Kebili have been renewed and that regional congresses have allowed young women activists to win the elections (one third of the elected members are under 40). She indicated that all regional conferences will be held no later than December 2016, noting that several regional chapters have not been renewed since 2006. National congress committees that will be responsible for the preparation of the Congress motions will be formed after the regional congresses.

WPC strengthens the power of Kim Jong-Un

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The General Congress of the Workers’ Party of North Korea, which began last Friday, 36 years after the previous one, continues as planned, further strengthening the power of the president Kim Jong-Un, who succeeded his father Kim Jong-Il in 2011.

Sunday May 8, state television broadcasted a long speech in which supreme leader, in front of 3400 delegates came from every corner of the country, has announced a new five-year plan to restore momentum to the ailing national economy. Despite the emphasis with it was presented, the new plan does not foresee major changes neither politically nor economically.

In fact, the North Korean president was stingy with details, referring vaguely to the need for greater automation of industry and agriculture and an increase in coal production over the next five years. Most of the discussion has focused on the celebration of the efforts and the progress made by the country over the past 36 years, with frequent references to the ideology of Juche, centered on the concepts of autonomy and self-sufficiency. At the same time, the leaders called for an increase in foreign trade, showing little consideration for the tightening of economic sanctions wanted by the UN after nuclear tests conducted last January.

In a country that, despite everything, is growing by about one percentage point of GDP every year, Jong-Un stressed the need to find new energy resources that can generate enough electricity to support the development, in a country still struggling with frequent blackouts, which also affect the capital Pjongyang. To this end, the DPRK intends to focus on nuclear energy and renewable energy sources.

The President also referred to nuclear arsenal, on whose development more of the regime’s efforts are focusing. In a statement by the soothing flavor, Kim has ensured that North Korea does not intend to resort to atomic weapons, “unless its sovereignty is encroached upon by any aggressive hostile forces with nukes.”.

An unusually diplomatic approach has also featured references to South Korea, with which the regime would like to return to dialogue to lower the level of tension. An offer harshly rejected, in close halfway point, by the Minister for the Unification of the South: “It speaks of inter-Korean dialogue while continuing to develop a nuclear arsenal,” he said, branding statements by Kim Jong-Un as mere propaganda.

The next day, as if to confirm the mistrust of South Korean, the Workers’ Party has decided formally, during the Congress, to further strengthen the nuclear arsenal of the country “for the purpose of self-defense”, again defying the UN and the his system of sanctions.

Although there is not yet a official closing date, the Congress should continue for a few days. Foreign media were invited to attend the historic event, but, until now, journalists have not been able to pass through the doors of the great Palace of Culture, whose parterre covers an area equal to two football fields. The reporters took part in guided tours, under the watchful gaze of party officials but, in fact, have not yet been able to perform the job for which they were accredited.

The climate for the press, actually, is not easy. Last Friday the members of a BBC team, sent to cover the Congress, were placed under arrest and later expelled. As reported by the Chinese press agency, the British were expelled for ” attacking the DPRK system and non-objective reporting.”

While the foreign press has to deal with the North Korean idea of ​​objectivity, the supreme leader of the country further strengthens its power. Monday, in fact, delegates awarded Kim Jong-Un of a new title: President of the Workers Party, a position he joins that of first secretary.


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North Korea announces the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party

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North Korea announced that the next year it will be hold the seventh unitary Congress of the Workers’s Party. The event is meaningful, in consideration of two elements: the last congress organized by the Communist Party of North Korea dates back to 1980, over 35 years ago; on this occasion, Kim Jong-Il, father of current President Kim Jong-un, made his political debut with an appearance that marked his preeminent position on the succession line. The transfer of power was realized only a few years later, in 1994, with the death of the Eternal President Kim Il Sung.

The seventh congress should take place in May 2016, as reported last Thursday by KCNA, the regime’s news agency. Officially, the plenary meeting has been called to reflect “the demand of the party and the developing revolution.”, in the aftermath of the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the Communist Party of North Korea, with magnificent military parades that took place a few weeks ago. In fact, the news has generated a wave of speculation on the part of international and South Korean analysts about the real implications of the event.

The Congress could reaffirm the central role of President Kim Jong-Un in the management of power, and serve as a stage to announce economic reforms or new diplomatic relations, to reduce the country’s isolation on the international scene. It could also lead to a reshuffle in the party, with the replacement of some officials with others closer to the dictator. A second hypothesis concerns a possible shift in the internal balance, with a transfer of power by the army in favor of the Party, in a country always marked by a military-political dualism in which the

Socialist armed forces have the fundamental role of economic engine. In this case, the President may decide to eliminate the system of “National Defense Commission,” which has always played a key role in state affairs, transferring its functions from the Army to the Worker’s Party.

In any case, it is possible to speculate about significant changes that could even affect the theoretical physiognomy of Juche, the self-sufficiency and nationalism based theory on which the north Korean communism has built its specificity, In opposition to Marxist-Leninist internationalism.

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