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Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Hajiyev talks about the groundless link between Lapshin ’s case and freedom

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Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev has commented on some circles’ attempts to link Alexander Lapshin’s case with the freedom of media and movement. Hajiyev said the attempts of the Armenian propaganda, certain circles, and particularly OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic to link Lapshin’s case with the freedom of media or freedom of movement is totally groundless. “The criminal case against Lapshin and his extradition to Azerbaijan, in line with intergovernmental agreements, are a triumph of the rule of law,” said Hajiyev. He said the attempts of Armenia, which attracts foreigners to its criminal acts, to call Lapshin’s case a “violation of media freedom and freedom of movement” are absurd and laughable.

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