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Ramallah: IOF attacked the headquarters of the PNI

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On Wednesday morning, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) broke into and attacked the headquarters of the Palestine National Initiative (PNI) movement in central Ramallah and arrested two youths. Eyewitnesses said that Israeli soldiers broke into the city with military jeeps, then stormed the headquarters, raided them, arrested two youths and confiscated computers. During the attack, clashes broke out between the youths and IOF, who threw intense teargas and rubber-coated metal bullets, injuring two Palestinians.

Food rations in Aleppo are almost ended

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Aid workers in eastern Aleppo were distribuiting the last available food rations on Thursday as the quarter of a milion people besieged in the syrian city entered what is expected to be a cruel winter, U.N. humanitarian adviser Jan Engeland said. Speaking in Geneva, Egeland said he was hopeful of a deal on a four-part humanitarian plan the United Nations sent to all parties to the conflict several days ago. The plan covers delivery of food and medical supplies, medical evacuations and access for health workers. Syria’s government rejected a U.N. request to send aid to east Aleppo during November, but Egeland said he was confident that Damascus would give its permission if the new U.N. humanitarian initiative was accepted by all sides. He said he also had the clear impression that Russia would continue its pause in air strikes over the northern city.

Militant's attack injured two Russian officers in Aleppo

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The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday that two Russian officers working for the center for Syrian reconciliation were injured in a militants’ attack near the Castello Road in Aleppo. The humanitarian corridor that is open for the exit of armed militants from Aleppo and located in the western part of Aleppo’s Castello Road was shelled by militants from the east of the city on Friday, the ministry said. The lives of Russian officers are not under threat as they were lightly injured and evacuated to a safe area in Aleppo.

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