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Nigeria, a slaughter story put on paper

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The horror of the massacres jihadist viewed through the eyes of children. The Unhcr call so that refugees have the necessary assistance. The Boko Haram advance is ruining the country.

On Unicef initiative, through their drawings, the children of Baga Sola represented tragedy experienced in August 2014, when Boko Haram militants devastated the village. A dramatic representation of numbers connected to Nigerian population.

Unhcr, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, launched the Regional Refugee Response Plan, which should allow to find about 175 million dollars to aid 192000 Nigerians who gave up country. Indeed, Camerun, Chad and Niger received thousands of people who are needing economical, health and mental cares. Furthermore, several children are requiring of scholastic instruction.

But, after Buhari elections, fights are going on. Chadian and Nigerian troops killed about 300 jihadists on the borderline between Nigeria and Nigeria. While 30 people died after that Boko Haram militants dressed up preacher and bursted into Kwajafa village.

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