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51 cases of corruption in state institutions reported in December

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PFT released its monthly report on Sunday that documented 51 cases of corruption during the month of December 2016. The organisation ranks the Ministry of Supply at the top of the list of most corrupt entities in Egypt, with 10 recorded incidents in December. The PFT said in its report that there were fewer incidents of corruption in December compared to November. The PFT recorded 64 cases of corruption in November. Among the incidents monitored in December was a corruption case related to the State Council, in which three officials in the purchasing department were arrested in possession of large sums of money and gold that they received as bribes. The report referred to the State Council officials case as “one of the biggest corruption cases in Egypt.” The report concluded that the Cairo governorate faces the highest number of corruption cases, with 33% of the 51 cases occurring in the governorate.

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