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Militants bring down another Benghazi bridge say LNA sources.

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Conflicts continuing in Libya, between Tripoli and Tobruck Militants in Sabri have blown up a second road bridge in an apparent effort to reinforce their positions in the besieged Benghazi enclave. According to the Libyan National Army overnight yesterday explosives were used to bring down a span of a bridge to the east of the district. According to population, the explosion isn’t due to an airstrike, but due to an explosion prepared on the ground. However, since 48h, Sabri and the smaller militnt enclave of Suq Al-Hout, are bombed by Haftar army.

Iraqi forces aim to secure Mosul bridge, link up to east bank

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U.S.-backed Iraqi forces pushed deeper into western Mosul on Sunday, aiming to capture a bridge across the Tigris which would link the city’s government-held eastern bank with the ongoing offensive against remaining militants in the west.All were damaged in strikes by the U.S.-led air coalition, and later by Islamic State fighters trying to seal off the western bank still under their control). The Colonel Falah al-Wabdan of the Interior Ministry’s Rapid Response unit have said that the bridge is very important: The bridge is about 400 meters away. By the end of the day you will hear that our forces have arrived (there).”, this is his prognostication. Army engineers plan to rehabilitate the bridge to allow troops to bring in reinforcements and supplies directly from the eastern side.


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