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Continuous unreasonable closure of legal Pakistan-Afghanistan trade and transit

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Zakhilwal added that the argument presented, to stop terrorists from crossing over in Pakistan, does not carry any weight as “these points such as Torkham and Spin Boldak have been manned by hundreds of military and other security personnel” and have all the necessary equipment and infrastructure in place to verify identities. “Continuous unreasonable closure of legal Pak-Afghan trade and transit routes cannot have any other explanation except to be aimed at hurting the common Afghan people”, said the envoy in a social media post.

Afghanistan calls on Pakistan to de-escalate tension at border

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Afghanistan has called on Pakistan to re-open the border, which had been closed in the wake of the recent spree of terrorist attacks. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to Afghanistan Abrar Hussain and Afghan Deputy Commander-in-Chief General Murad Ali Murad met on February 27. General Murad had requested at Islamabad for de-escalation at the border and re-opening of the crossing points between the two countries. He also promised to fight terrorsim with the shared information between the two countries. Ambassador Hussain said to Murad that should take measure against Pakistan to deny its attack inside the country.


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