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Nigerian militants bombed an oil pipeline

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Nigerian militants on Tuesday bombed a state-run oil pipeline near the southern port city of Warri, the second attack within a week. Chairman of Batan community Dickson Ogugu said four surveillance guards deployed to protect the Trans Forcados export line narrowly escaped death after the militants opened fire on them. “The hoodlums after chasing them from the spot came down from their speedboat, planted dynamite on swamp boogie, barge, crane and on the line,” he said. “Unfortunately, only the dynamite on the barge exploded and immediately sank into the water. As I speak to you, the military are at the scene of the incident trying to dismantle the other dynamites.”

Suicide bombing attack foiled by military troops

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Army spokesman Sani Usman in a statement late on Friday said that the day before troops killed a suspected female suicide bomber when she attempted to enter a military site in Yamtake in Borno state. “The failed suicide bombing attack was followed up with futile probing attack by terrorists which was decisively handled by the troops,” he said. Usman said the troops killed all four attackers including two suicide bombers and recovered a cache of arms and ammunition, but one soldier was killed. “Unfortunately, we lost a soldier in the process,” he said.

Suicide bomber killed outside refugee camp by Nigerian troops

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Witnesses say Nigerian troops shot a man with explosives strapped to his torso trying to enter a refugee camp in northeastern Maiduguri city where another suicide bomber killed five people the day before. Resident Abubakar Gajibo said he saw the bomber walking towards the camp “clearly displaying the strapped explosives on his body”. He said they alerted soldiers who asked the man to surrender and fired when he ran. One explosive blew up and a second was safely detonated.

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