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Mali-Tunisia cooperation increases.

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The tunisien Head of Government Youssef Chahed arrived yesterday at Bomako for a meeting with the malin Prime Minister Modibo Keita and other bussinessman bot malin and tunisins. The cooperation between Mali and Tunisis will concern politics and economy. Warm handshakes between the two statesman, the tunisian Head of the government was welcomed with all the honors. Youssed Chaded declared to the press that he was satisfyed to have came to strenghten the historical relations between the two countries, in particular focusing on the fight against terrorism because is a priority for both Mali and Tunisi. The will to develop a longlasting cooperation with Mali ( which has attractive potentials in many sectors) is made clear by the delegation of several businessman carried on by Youssef Chahed: Tunisi is willing to conquer the african market in the South of Sahara and to sell to Mali its know-how in the area of building and civil engineering works, medicine, information and communication technologies and food processing industry. Moreover the Health sector always occupied a special place for Tunisi in the economic and social policy, which allowed the country to be equipped to reach a lot of exporting countries, becoming a recognized destination in the healthcare scope.


In Nora 20 litres of water may even arrive at 500 FCFA and over.

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Nora is a city situated 500 kilometres away from Bomako, here the prices for 20 litres of water may even arrive at 500 FCFA and over in certain places. The lack of water, nowadays, make it very hard , especially to the poors, to survive. In this period of the year the situation get even worse because of the heat. Water is as precious as the silver. At Nora the administration of the water is led in two different ways, on one hand we have the SOGERHE (society of the management od hidric resources) which support breeders who posses houndreds of cattle and ovines. In this affair the population is the only victim: the water is served only after midnight and sometimes is necessary to wait til 20 hours to get it.

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