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Trump speech fails to deliver on hard policy

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President Trump has the undeniable talent of knowing how to talk to people, both during the many rallies of the long election campaign as in the first President of the tyccon was able to transmit to the public the energy and sincere desire to make that distinguish his character. Yesterday in the first speech to Congress Trump seemed another person, has lacked the communicative power that opened him the doors of the White House but especially has lacked the sincerity, in fact, Trump seemed almost uncomfortable talking about the month of the Black History and of the widespread of anti-Semitism, issues on which ,until now, has did not say a word. Perhaps Trump has really changed as a person and has understood the need to expand his political horizons and having to take on a softening of attitudes or is not changed at all, and this is a man who always need a scapegoat on which to direct his whippings.

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