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Belgian Prime Minister wants to strengthen military co-operation with Tunisia

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Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, on Tuesday, affirmed his country’s willingness to further strengthen military co-operation with Tunisia on the basis of its desire to support its democratic transition experience and to guarantee stability of the entire region through better securing of borders with Libya. The Belgian Prime Minister spoke during his visit with Minister of National Defence Farhat Horchani to the Menzel Jemil Special Forces Group (SFG) (Governorate of Bizerte), during which they learnt about the aspects of Tunisian-Belgian co-operation in the military field. The Minister of Defence said the terrorist threat weighs on all countries. The elimination of the terrorist threat requires international co-operation, he pointed out, stressing Tunisia’s concern to diversify its partners in this field. Farhat Horchani highlighted “Belgium’s contribution in the fields of military training and intelligence” and the “close and fruitful” co-operation between Tunisia and Belgium in this field.

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