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Syria: Amnesty International charges use of barrel bombs

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A report speaks about President al Assad crimes and people forced to escape underground because of carpet bombing.

“Sheer terror and unbearable suffering has forced many civilians in Aleppo to eke out an existence underground to escape the relentless aerial bombardment of opposition-held areas by government forces”, Amnesty International report on Sirya said.

President Bashar al Assad rejected barrel bombs and every attack on population. But Philip Luther, Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme, told about another Syrian context: “Widespread atrocities, in particular the vicious and unrelenting aerial bombardment of civilian neighbourhoods by government forces, have made life for civilians in Aleppo increasingly unbearable. These reprehensible and continual strikes on residential areas point to a policy of deliberately and systematically targeting civilians in attacks that constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity”.

Beyond these words, there are victims caused by barrel bombs, which “killed more than 3,000 civilians in Aleppo governorate last year, and more than 11,000 in Syria since 2012. Last month local activists recorded at least 85 barrel bomb attacks in Aleppo city that killed at least 110 civilians”, report said again.

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