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Trump must move awayfrom Obama's ideals

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Jerusalem Affairs and Environmental Protection Minister Ze’ev Elkin spoke in an interview with Arutz Sheva about US President Donald Trump’s attempts to restart peace negotiations during his visit to Israel this week. according to Elkin also said that Trump had changed the attitude of the White House towards Iran from what it had been during the Obama years. Where Obama sought to portray Iran as a moderate country which the US should improve its relationship with – even when its allies were opposed to the concessions the Obama Administration made to Iran – Trump spoke forcefully against Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and its exporting of terrorism and violence throughout the region during his visit to Israel.However, Elkin said that Trump still clung to two mistaken assumptions from the Obama Administration. The first was that solving the Arab-Israeli conflict through a peace deal with the PA was essential to solving all other conflicts in the Middle East. Elkin said that anyone who looks at the situation in Syria can clearly see that the Arab-Israeli conflict has nothing to do with the carnage which has claimed approximately half a million lives and created millions of refugees.Trump’s second mistaken assumption,according to Elkin, is that the President has gone along with Abbas’ facade of moderation, including Abbas’ need to be treated with honor as a Middle Eastern leader. “We need to accustom the world to the fact that we, too, are a Middle Eastern country whose honor is also important to it”, he said. Finally, he said that in his opinion Trump can move the amassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump announces first official foreign trip to include Israel.

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U.S. President Donald Trump has officially announced he will visit Israel as part of his first foreign trip since his inauguration in January.U.S. press secretary Sean Spicer issued a statement saying, “The leaders will discuss a range of regional issues, including the need to counter the threats posed by Iran and its proxies, and by ISIS and other terrorist groups. They will also discuss ways to advance a genuine and lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians”. Officials said Trump would meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, but declined to say where, and said dates and other details would be provided later. Trump’s visit will come ahead of Israel’s Jerusalem Day celebrations on May 24.A presidential waiver suspending the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is set to expire on June 1. Trump must decide by then whether to fulfill his campaign promise to relocate the embassy, thereby officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, or follow in the footsteps of his predecessors and renew the waiver. Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, had a testy relationship with both Israel and Saudi Arabia, whose leaders viewed him as being concerned less with traditional alliances than with negotiating a diplomatic agreement with Iran, which both Israel and Saudi Arabia view as an enemy. Trump’s foreign visit appears to be aimed at reinvigorating traditional alliances in the region.

U.S. House passes healthcare bill in major Trump victory.

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The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill on Thursday to repeal major parts of Obamacare and replace it with a Republican healthcare plan, handing President Donald Trump his biggest legislative victory but setting up a tough fight in the Senate. With the 217-213 vote, Republicans obtained just enough support to push the legislation through the House, sending it to the Senate for consideration. No Democrats voted for the bill. The bill’s passage represented a step toward fulfilling a top Trump campaign pledge and a seven-year Republican quest to dismantle Democratic former President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.


Trump announces trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Vatican.

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Since taking his office, US officials of President Department have announced the first trip in foreign countries of Trump will be in Saudi Arabia, in order to keep his propaganda about specific topics, such as “counter Iran and Terrorism”. Trip to Saudi Arabia will be in late May and it will convene a summit in Jeddah, of which Trump will take part. The reason why Trump has decided to start this journey from Saudi Arabia is because he wants to show the future engagement of USA in countering terrorism and Iran, even because the Saudi allies have felt abandoned under the predecessor, Barack Obama. This meeting in May will be useful to reinforce partnership between those two states, in several aspects: countering and defeating terrorism, but also an economic partnership.


If Trump make peace, Israeli Leftist abbandon American Jewish Liberals.

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Israele and United States are working on a common understanding with regard to settlement construction, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the government on Thursday before heading to a second meeting this week with US special envoy Jason Greenblatt, appointed by President Donald Trump to oversee special international negotiations. In this period the relations between Israel and the White House are improving. The last US initiative under former US President Barack Obama broke down in April 2014. Palestinians have insisted that talks cannot be renewed unless Israel halts all West Bank settlement activity and Jewish building in east Jerusalem. Israel in turn has called for a renewal of direct talks without pre-conditions. It’s believed that Netanyahu has proposed to the Americans that Israel be allowed to build in the settlement blocs — including Gush Etzion, Ariel, Ma’aleh Adumim and Modi’in Illit — while freezing construction in the isolated settlements beyond the security barrier.

Jon Huntsman’s strange odyssey to become Donald Trump’s man in Moscow

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Donald Trump has blocked several people who opposed him during the campaign from getting jobs in his administration. So why has he reportedly chosen Jon Huntsman to be the U.S. ambassador to Russia? The 56-year-old has earned a reputation as someone who ingratiates himself with his patron of the moment but whose long-term loyalty cannot be counted on. His critics — including some who have worked with him — complain privately that he’s always thinking about how he can climb the next step up the ladder. He was ambssador in China for president Barack Obama and with this engagement, assuming he’s confirmed by the senate, he will become a very high-profile figure. Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said overnight that he hopes Huntsman will help Trump improve relations.

Trump wants to open a parliamentary investigation into alleged wiretaps that former President Obama would order against him

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President Trump would want to open a parliamentary investigation into alleged wiretaps that former President Obama would order against him during the last electoral campaign, Trump accused Obama, on twitter, that he did put under control the Trump Tower to get information that could compromise his election victory, Obama replied that legally a President can not order to put under contronl anybody and stressed that his administration does not spied any American. Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, told to the NBC that he not be aware of any control operation against Donald Trump, according to the minority leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi,  more was discover the narrow ties between the current administration and Russia plus the President Trump tries to confuse the Americans with conspiracy theories that are not very credible.

PM Shinzo Abe commemorated the victims of Japan’s 1941 Pearl Harbor attack

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe laid flowers for American soldiers, including those killed in Japan’s 1941 Pearl Harbor attack, at a cemetery in Hawaii on Monday, the day before his scheduled visit to the harbor with U.S. President Barack Obama. After arriving on the island of Oahu in the morning, Abe visited the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, in which remains of about 50,000 officers and soldiers — including those who lost their lives during the attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy — are buried.

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