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Armed Forces arrest 398 migrants along Egypt’s western and southern borders

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The spokesperson for Egypt’s Armed Forces issued a statement announcing that troops arrested 398 migrants along the country’s western and southern borders from February 21 to March 13. A large part of them had been arrested around the Salloum border crossing with Libya. Migrants are trying to flew from Egypt to Libya to have an access to Europe, crossing the Mediterranean sea. But we also have an other category of migrant, which are the Egyptians fleeing from Egypt to find job opportunities in Libya. However, even if Egypt has increased the control of its borders, and if EU, especially Italy try to reduce the migrant flux, 181,446 undocumented migrants arrived in Italy last year, when 4,579 are reportly dead.

Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army: the forces will never be surprised by any aggressor

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Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan praised the preparedness of the country’s Armed Forces, saying the forces will never be surprised by any aggressor and will make it regret its acts.“Given the preparedness of the Army, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and other Armed Forces, they will never be confounded under any circumstances”, he said. He further pointed to recent war games staged by the Islamic Republic and said the main objectives behind them is to warn those who have immature dreams of invading Iran and to create preparedness and test the new defense equipment. In case of any foreign aggression, definitely the aggressor will regret its action, he noted.

Tunisia: the security situation is stable tank toc o-ordination between military and security institutions

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National Defence Minister Farhat Horchani said the security situation in the country is “stable” thanks to a continuous co-ordination between the military and security institutions. The moral of the Armed Forces is high, he stressed, adding that that they are prepared to any threat. We have made significant progress in the fight against terrorism, but risks are still there in view of the instability in the security situation in Libya. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a national conference on the military apparatus and the culture of citizenship, Horchani affirmed that Tunisia co-operates with other countries in countering terrorism. He noted, in this regard, that the presence of foreign military in Tunisia is part of sharing expertise. The minister denied the presence of military bases in Tunisia.

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