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For the first time in three years, Mohamed ElBaradei appeared on an Arabic TV channel

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Egyptian and international political figure Mohamed ElBaradei appeared on an Arabic TV channel for the first time in three years on Saturday, saying he decided to speak out about political and economic issues in order to help at a time of crisis. ElBaradei, who resigned as Vice President of the Republic in August 2013 and subsequently left the country, said that even though he had never stopped being part of the public sphere in Egypt. The former politician said he believes this help is much needed in a time when the whole Arab world is heading towards “self-destruction.” However, he did not announce clearly if he is planning to play a direct role in the Egyptian political scene in the coming days. He said during the show that he had taken a step back from politics after 16 years, including 12 years heading the International Atomic Energy Agency in Geneva between 1997 and 2009. ElBaradei, a former diplomat who became a prominent figure in Egypt in 2010 when he returned to Egypt from Geneva and spoke out publicly against then-president Hosni Mubarak, was appointed Vice President in July 2013 after the ouster of Mohamed Morsi. He resigned a month later, after the dispersal of the pro-Morsi Rabaa protest camp.

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