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Arab Coalition: We welcome handover of Hudaydah port to neutral party

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An official source has stated UN envoy Ahmed has said to Houthis Militias to hand over port of Houdaydah to a neutral party. These statements represent a confirmation of request, made by Arab coalition, UN to take charge of port Houdaydah,  in order to protect Yemeni people from smuggling of weapons, by Houthis Militias and confiscation of sanitation and humanitarian aids. Ahmed has expressed his regret over the lack of participation in meeting to discuss about exploiting the port, allowing entrance of humanitarian aids. The statement stressed out the important support by Arab coalition to assure the flow of aids from international subjects. In addition to this, he has also declared in meeting with Security Council, to use tax revenues and customs to finance basic services.


Southern Yemen leaders launch body seeking split from nort

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In the southern of Yemen, Senior Tribal, militar and political leaders have formed a new council seeking fro secession of Yemen, where the main city will be Aden. The declaration was made by Al-Zubaidi, who was leader of South Yemen, when in 1994 was an independent State. He made this declaration in front of television with the previous flag of South Yemen. The goal is giving stability to Southern Yemen and realize a new independent State. This condition is due to the war, but also to the lack of food and sanitary assistance. AlZubaidi has also declared the council will cooperate with Arab Coalition in order to set free from Houthi Yemeni territories.

Houthi militia leader killed in the battles with the resistance in Shabwa

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A Houthi militia leader and two of his companions got killed during the battle in the province of Shabwa. They are killed during an attack and battle against Popular Forces and it was another episode of this cruel and intestine war. Actually ex-Yemeni President would have said, he is open to negotiations with Saudi Arabia and Arab Coalition from this time. During the meeting with General People’s congress Party, he has declared he is willing to go to Riyadh to have talks with King Salman and to reach a dialogue and understanding.

Houthis threaten to send former defense minister to Iran.

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According to Sheikh Rashad al-Otari, a Yemeni tribal leader, Houthi leaders said they will send former Defense Minister Mahmoud al-Subaihi to Iran if the legitimate government does not discuss the demands to release him and others. For that reason Otari called for immediate action and reminded the efforts he made to activate negotiations regarding these figures held by the Houthis, such as Nasser Mansour Hadi, the Yemeni’s President brother, and a military commander. Meanwhile the Arab coalition air force destroyed a warehouse for Houthi militias and forces loyal to former President Saleh north of Saada and in confrontation between the army and militias 7 militiamen dead and 17 others were injured west of Taiz.

Houthis threatening strategic starit, warns US general.

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US Central Command chief Gen. Votel told the House Armed Services Committee that the rebels have deployed coastal defense missiles, radar systems and mines, migrated from the strait of Hormuz, threatening free movement into and out the Red Sea. For that reason US Defense Secretary Mattis is increasing military support for the Saudi-led coalition and US Secretary of State Tillerson recommended aiding forces from the UAE driving Houthi rebels from the key port of Al-Hodeidah. Tillerson also said suggested increasing air-to-air refueling and intelligence support to the Arab Coalition. Meanwhile, the UN special envoy to Yemen Cheikh Ahmed, said military operations are escalating and the humanitarian and economic situations are deteriorating in the country, reason why he urged the Security Council to pressure Yemen’s government and the Houthis to proceed with political and security measures, which he prensented.





Asiri: UN needs to permanently monitor, not just visit, Hodeida port.

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After the visit of a UN envoy from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to the port of Hodeida, the Arab coalition spokesperson Asiri told Al Arabiya that is necessary that the UN convoy permanently monitor the port to know the reality of the area and the criminal practices by the Houthi militias. The aim of the UN visit was to oversee the mechanism of work at the port and verify statements from the coalition forces on the smuggling of illegal weapons to the Houthis and turning the port into a military base. Moreover Asiri confirmed the coalition intentions to end efforts in Mokha and to regain control of the Khalid ibn Walid military camp from Houthi militias.

Arab coalition airstrikes targeted Houthi rebels’ positions

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Arab coalition airstrikes targeted several positions of the Houthi rebels and forces loyal to ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh across Yemen on Friday. Yemeni military sources confirmed that coalition warplanes had targeted and struck Houthi militia weapon caches in the southwestern city of Taiz. At the same time, the coalition warplanes bombed several mobile targets and weapons caches of the Houthi-Saleh alliance, in various parts of Saada province. The rebels responded with a counter attack, apparently targeting residential areas, as a result, an unknown number of civilians were killed or injured.

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