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"We'll apologize to Haradinaj if he doesn't get fed in jail"

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Earlier in the day, Haradinaj said that both Dacic and President Aleksandar Vucic “should apologize for crimes committed in Kosovo”. “A man for whom there are tons and tons of evidence that he took part in the gravest crimes committed against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija now wants Serbia to apologize”, Dacic said in his reaction. Perhaps, he continued in the same tone, we should apologize for Haradinaj’s message that he would, if he becomes prime minister, continue to do what he was doing as a member of the terrorist KLA, and expand “the Greater Albania” all the way to Nis. “The only apology we could give afterwards, as a country that respects the rights of inmates, is if he did not have regular meals in Zabela, or some other prison”, Dacic concluded. Vucic also reacted, when asked for comment during a news conference. “What should I apologize for. I didn’t commit crimes. He (Haradinaj) committed crimes. He and his men were slaughtering, murdering, beheading”.


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