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Leaked recording reveals 'propaganda' against Tripoli's anti-Haftar forces

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A campaign against the BDB (Bengazhi Defence Brigade) has started. According to an uncertain source of the journal “Middle East Eye” on officer had said that Haftar’s forces wanted to spread the message that al-Qaeda militants were involved in taking over the ports in the oil crescent, saying “al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda… they will become in the eyes of the people, al-Qaeda”. If this campaign is proved, this means that Haftar’s regime, would discredit the revolutionaries, the BDB.  Still according to this journal, Egypt and Haftar’s regime have creates some close ties, and the promise from Egypt to support Haftar in his claim to recover the power on oil ports.  But this revelation is not convicting. Indeed, Egypt was frustrated of the refute from Haftar to meet Serraij last month in the Cairo.

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