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Al-Maliki-The Risk of clan fighting is greater than the threat of Daesh

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Vice President Nuri al-Maliki warned of the growing phenomenon of differences and fighting and the division of Iraqi tribes. “Al-Maliki said in a speech at a conference held by Khuza’a tribes today that the differences and the use of weapons among the tribes threaten security and stability, and they are more dangerous than the threat of Daesh”, calling on everyone to respect the law and not to harm the prestige of the state, which some have violated. “The use of weapons outside the state is unacceptable, and everyone should not allow it, whatever the reasons”, he said. He stressed the need to support the security services and the armed forces in their tasks, preserve the unity and sovereignty of the country, protect the rights of the Iraqi people and unite efforts to confront the schemes that seek chaos and topple the political process, especially as the enemies of Iraq are planning to push terrorist groups more dangerous than after the liberation of Nineveh province”. He renewed the call to participate in the elections to form a government of political majority capable of implementing its program properly, considering postponement of the elections will enter the country in a dark tunnel in the absence of the formation of a new parliament on the date set by law.

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