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Ukraine wants to organize missile-firing exercises over Crimea

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Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviatsiya reported that Ukraine has made a unilateral decision to organize missile-firing exercises over Crimea, in the sovereign airspace of the Russian Federation. Rosaviatsiya affirmed that Kiev’s move breaches a number of international laws and agreements, adding that the military exersice will not only invade the Russian territory, but also the plans had not been coordinated with Moscow. Ukraine released an aviation notification on Thursday, activating “dangerous zones” in all flight levels near Crimea and the city of Simferopol for 1st and 2nd December. The dangerous areas include airspace above open sea which is in Russia’s area of responsibility, and over Russian territorial waters. Rosaviatsiya added that  Moscow is taking all the measures to provide security for the flights, the agency also said that Russia will be forced to ban all flights in the Crimea region if Ukraine doesn’t cancel the decision

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