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Worries after the arrests of activist Maikoul Zodi and journalist Baba Alpha.

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Amnesty International is worried about recent arrests of two activists in Niger, Maikoul Zodi ,president of the Movement of the Young Republicans, and Baba Alpha, a journalist. Both the activists were arrested appearently not because of their the militant activities. Maikoul Zodi was questioned for his place of residence and had to present himself in front of the judge durign the day, then he has been accused of “misappropriation of public funds”: recruited in 2014 as a professor, he is accused of non having taken his service while receving salary. Baba Alpha, journalist of the private channel television Bonferey, was arrested with the accuse of forgery. The message sent to dissident voices of Niger is clear: try to express yourself on the economic and social situation and to ask for trasparency and this could led you to prison.

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