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Abu Sleem ceasefire welcomed by Kobler

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UNSMIL has welcomed the ceasefire in Abu Sleem agreed late last night and renewed its call for the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) to be implemented. In a statement today it also deplored the outbreak of violence that has so far claimed 16 lives and battered the local community in Abu Sleem. Those responsible for the fighting had to be held accountable, it said. Extending his “sincere sympathies” to all affected by the violence, he said that the violence again demonstrated the need for a political solution “including a united Libyan army operating under civilian control, to provide security for all Libyans. I call for the speedy activation of police and security forces to protect Libyans from crime and lawlessness”. Kobler reiterated his support for the Presidency Council (PC) as the only legitimate executive authority in Libya.

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