Civilians Bear Brunt As Fresh Syria Strikes Kill 35, Says UN

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A fresh wave of airstrikes in eastern Syria killed at least 35 civilians including women and children, state media and a monitoring group reported Friday, the U.N. human rights chief said civilians are increasingly paying the price of escalating attacks against the Islamic State group in the country. “The same civilians who are suffering indiscriminate shelling and summary executions by ISIL, are also falling victim to the escalating airstrikes, particularly in the northeastern governorates of” Raqqa and Deir el-Zour, al-Hussein said in a statement from Geneva, using another acronym for IS. “Unfortunately, scant attention is being paid by the outside world to the appalling predicament of the civilians trapped in these areas”. In the meantime, The U.S.-led coalition also announced on Friday that a U.S. service member has died in northern Syria. A statement said the serviceman died of injuries sustained “during a vehicle roll-over”. It was not immediately clear whether the incident was related to a combat situation. No further details were made available.

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